Davis Free Stuff

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Welcome to DavisFreeStuff!

This community is for people who live in Davis, California who have free things that they no longer want or can no longer keep and wish to give away to people who need them. Please don't sell things here -- only post about FREE things that you are giving away.

A few rules:

* Please list free items in subject line, i.e. Free Couch, Free Book, etc.
* Only one photo allowed in post, and please keep it under 500 x 500 pixels. Extra photos must be under an LJ cut.
* Keep your posts brief and specific to the items you wish to give away.
* No explicit language or photos -- keep it clean, people.
* Only post if you are serious about giving your stuff away for free. Do NOT be a flake, or you could be banned from the community.
* Cross out (strike through) items on your post once they have been given away. This will let people know that the items are no longer available.